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 Veggie Beet

  Issue No: 6

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spacer     ISSUE No 006 June 15, 2012    

Farmer's Corner


It's starting to look and feel a lot like summer. Kids are out of school, the days are longer, and the farmers markets are here. Who wouldn't love the opportunity to use all their senses? Farmers markets usually have live music, lots of food, and they are a great opportunity to socialize.

Farmers markets have exploded over the years partly due to the local movement. Just about every town has one now days, some bigger than others. This has been a great help to small farms everywhere as it has given them a place to showcase and sell the fruits of their labor. This has also been a great opportunity for the public to get farm-fresh produce at a great price. Some farmers go to as many as nine different farmers markets a week.

We will be at the Rohnert Park farmers market today (June 15th) for the opening day. This will also be the only market we will be attending all summer long. You might ask why we don't do more markets. The answer is very simple; we prefer to spend our time focusing on our CSA and our members. Many people are surprised that we offer new sign-ups at the market. However, year after year we have received such an astonishing reception because we have found that after many individuals have had the opportunity to sample farm-fresh produce they just want to keep it going all year-long. We are so grateful that our community wants to support and connect with their local farm. So much so, that we try and attend ourselves so we may have an opportunity to get to know our community and members. This also allows our community to get to know our farm family. People see our CSA as easy, convenient, affordable, and dependable. We enjoy giving our CSA members and our community options, so if they are too tired to go the farmers market let us bring the farm to you.

Let's not forget that when the farmers markets are done we are still here for you! I look forward to seeing you all this week either at the farmers market or when picking up your CSA boxes. Don't forget to try one of our many selections of CSA add-ons. This week we will be promoting our local Apple-A-Day Organic Juice (Unpasteurized). Stop by for a tasting when you're picking up your CSA box.

Your local farmer,

Sharon Grossi
Valley End Farm

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In this week's veggie box we have green pacilla or bell peppers, eggplant, oranges, romaine lettuce, spinach, onions, broccoli and possibly some surprises. This of course subject to change depending on availability.

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Green Bell Peppers

Green Bell Peppers nutritional facts

Green Bell Peppers

Bell peppers have been grown for more than 9,000 years starting in South and Central America. The original name for this vegetable in Spanish was pimiento. European colonizers gave it the name pepper when they came across it in the 1500's and 1600's and took it back to Europe.

Bell peppers have a remarkable amount of vitamin C (almost double the necessary daily value), vitamin A, and folate. There has been a lot of research on the amazing phytonutrient antioxidants in bell peppers like flavonoids, carotenoids, and hydroxycinnamic acids, but not a lot on risk reduction for diseases. It is expected to see bell peppers aiding in the prevention of..

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Homestyle Stuffed Peppers

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