About The farm

Valley End Farm

Valley End Farm has supplied Sonoma County with USDA Certified organic produce since 1996, however due to the rising cost of certification we have chosen to let our certification lapse. For now we are no longer certified organic but will continue the same farming practices since 1996. Our products will be the same as they have always been so you can rest assured.

Our farm is nestled in the beautiful hills of Santa Rosa. Sharon Grossi and her son, Clint, take pride in running the largest organic produce farm in Sonoma County. No harmful chemical fertilizers, herbicides or pesticides are used on our farm.

Sharon and Clint grow a variety of produce on their 70 acres of land. In order to include a wider variety in the boxes we do buy or trade with other farms. We buy alll tree fruit from other farms as we do not have any orchards on our farm.

The water at the farm comes from deep down in an uncontaminated aquifer. The rich adobe soil gives our produce a richer better flavor that has been proven time after time. Our tomatoes have a deep rich flavor that is unsurpassed.

We take the stewardship of the soil and your health very seriously. That is why we use compost that uses recycled food waste and no manure. This will insure you that our produce is always safe.

Our soil and plants are cared for by our experienced crew. Everything is carefully handpicked only when it is at its peak of ripeness and flavor. We take great pride in offering our very best to you. We continue to strive to always have the best flavor while offering a wide variety of produce.

In order to support the local community, Valley End Farm is pleased to continue our established Community Supported Agriculture program.