We offer a unique fundraising program for schools, churches, and organizations. Please contact us for more information.

Veggie Bucks is a program that will benefit your school or organization financially. It will bring healthy, sustainable, organic produce right to your door. The steps are easy to follow. All you have is contact us and we will assign your group with a code. You give your group the code and then all the group needs to do is go to our website, sign up for a veggie box with the code that we provided and they are done. Signing up with the code will allow us to see which school or organization has signed up and where to send the check at the end of the fundraiser event or school year.   We need a minimum of five consistent signups throughout the fundraiser in order to qualify for the program.

If you sign up to receive a veggie box, your school or organization will receive $2/box. If there are 50 sign-ups that equals to $100 per week. If you sign up year round, then the school gets $5,200 for the year. All you have to do is visit our website, enter your information and your school or organization will benefit.

We will deliver the boxes directly to your school or preferred drop site, or we can deliver to customers homes for a small weekly fee (see delivery zones). The prices for our veggie boxes are $15/week for a small, $20 for medium, $25 for large, and $30 for x-large. The quantities range with each size and the variety of fruits and vegetables will change weekly. You will get fresh veggies along with weekly recipes that will get you and your family to eat healthier and explore different foods.

This fundraiser is a great way to help all of you get good produce from the farm to you. If you would like more information please e-mail me at or call the office at (707) 585-1123 between 9-5.

Thank you and I can't wait for you to be a part of our CSA program where we always strive to keep it local, keep it sustainable and always keep it organic.