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 Veggie Beet

  Issue No: 5

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spacer     ISSUE No 005 June 08, 2012    

Farmer's Corner


We want your feedback! While we are continuously planting every couple of weeks we want to know what some of your favorite veggies are. We may even be able to incorporate some of the top choices in our next planting. That is of course if you let us know quickly. Keep in mind your favorites need to be vegetables that can be grown in our region (i.e. area, county, etc.).

On another note, hopefully warm weather is just around the bend. This means summer fruit is on the horizon. As you all know we do not have orchards on the farm and therefore we look to local organic family farms to supply our demands. We try and farm out as close as possible but in cooler years the fruit just has not ripened correctly here. We therefore need to go over the hill to the Woodland area where it is much hotter. As always you have a choice, if this is a problem, just let us know and we will exclude those produce from your box and simply give you more of something else from our farm.

In past years we have also offered additional items from time to time as special add-ons. Two very popular items were organic raisins and organic almonds. Those come from the Woodland area where the climate is perfect for growing them. The raisins were by far the best I have ever eaten and the nuts are so deliciously fresh. The way it has worked in the past; customers would preorder by the pound. Once the minimum 20lbs requirement had been reached we would go to the farm and pick it up. Customers would then receive their order with their next regular veggie box. For those that we deliver to their order would be delivered with their next box. If you are interested in this type of special add-ons just let us know on our Facebook page.

I look forward to seeing you all this week when picking up your CSA boxes. Don't forget to try one of our many selections of CSA add-ons. This week we will be promoting the Full Circle Bakery Baguette. Stop by for a tasting when you're picking up your CSA box.

Your local farmer,

Sharon Grossi
Valley End Farm

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In this week's veggie box we have onions, tomatillos, avacodos, bell pepper, cilantro, limes, lettuce, and possibly a surprise. This of course subject to change depending on availability.

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Onions are high in vitamin C and fiber and are low in calories. Onions can do a lot to help your body including bone support, especially for post-menopausal women, connective tissue and anti-inflammatory benefits, and protection against cancer. Moderate onion intake (3 to 5 servings per week) has proven to reduce the risk of...

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